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Gold Rat Mini Cleanup Gold Sluice - 6 Inch Wide

Gold Rat Mini Cleanup Gold Sluice - 6 Inch Wide

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This little sluice can be used as a primary recovery unit when screened to 8 mesh, or as a clean-up and concentrate reduction tool.

This system is also designed to integrate with a rock crusher, by removing the legs and migrating water feed from the header box to the white spray bars you have a self contained recovery system right in the crusher as you process rocks.

Accesories are available to convert this unit into a backpack highbanker

This sluice has our latest highbanker leg brackets which allow independent adjustment corner to corner.

The standard unit which comes with all the components listed below: all you need is a battery!

1 x Sluice channel with header tig welded

1 x Rubber bung for 28mm sullage hose feed

1 x 6 inch Black mini dream mat

1 x Mini Dream mat clamps / with retaining bolts and wing nuts

1 x Reverse riffle water dam

1 x Poly flood bar with 90 degree bend and end cap

1 x Rubber water dampener

3 x Rubber Dampener Clips

1 x 1100 GPH  Bilge pump

1 x 2 meter 28mm Sullage hose

1 x highbanker leg kit (upgraded as standard)

Average box weight 5kg

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