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Our adventure began when two local brothers, Clem and Colin Purvis sought to breathe new life into the local farming and lifestyle industry. The concept behind Rural and Outdoors was an idea that had been slowly germinating for years, and in 2021 the building blocks of that idea slowly started to form.

The Castlemaine area was demanding for change in this particular retail space. Our goal was to not only improve the customer experience, but to provide a service that would exceed current customer expectations time and time again. In early 2022 the team eagerly opened their doors to the community, and were greeted with much excitement and anticipation.

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At Rural and Outdoors, we pride ourselves on being innovative, honest and compassionate. Our team is focused, dedicated and highly skilled at ensuring that our customers receive the attention and quality they deserve.

Our vision is to create a service and supply market that hadn’t previously existed in the Castlemaine area. Our innovative spirit remains embedded in our business today and we are continually seeking to secure new and exciting products and services to offer our large customer base

We invite the world to experience the difference with us at Rural and Outdoors.

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Community Focused

For us home is where the heart is. We all have many special memories of growing up in Castlemaine, from attending local schools, to playing sport and attending local events.

Our local community and charity groups play a pivotal role in bringing the community together, providing a sense of place for upcoming generations and for giving much needed help to those who need it most. Without our dedicated and hardworking volunteers and organisers, our local sports groups, charity events and support groups would not exist. We want to give back to the community that supports us, at Rural and Outdoors we are proud to support a large number of local non-profit organisations, clubs and events