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Coiltek Camo 9" Elite Mono Coil - Suit SD/GP/GPX

Coiltek Camo 9" Elite Mono Coil - Suit SD/GP/GPX

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The smallest size in the ELITE series, this coil has heightened sensitivity for the very small targets and provides an excellent option for re-visiting old patches as it will see the smaller targets left behind by the larger coils.

Light in weight and easy to manoeuvre, this coil will be a great addition to any prospecting kit.

Why use a small coil? when working a gully, bedrock or around rocks and obstacles the smaller coil can get into those tight places lifting potentially more targets.


Size - 230mm / 9 inch

Weight 715 Grams

Configuration - Monoloop

2 Years Warranty includes skid plate

NOTE: This coil is not compatible with the GPX6000

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